Throat Singin Demonstation

What is an Inukshuk?

Inuit Carving-Comtemporary Inuit Artists
See these artists at the Bearpaw Art Gallery in Edmonton, Ab.

Inuit landscapes-images
Look at the breath-taking scenery of the Inuit

Choosing Your Mascot-Election Simulation using Inuit artists, animals and music.
This is a great voting simulation for Grades 1 to 4. We set up one poling station for 6 classes. There are six mascots for which I will be adding youtube clips as I find them. The mascots are:
Charlie the Raven, Desneiges (snow), the Polar Bear, Max the Walrus, Neevee the Caribou and Sam the Gray Wolf. Each mascot has a CD that gives its speech and up beat song. The song use throat singing ostinato and drum beats, fun words which lend themselves to movement, drumming or dance.

The Inuit Alpahbet
Ask your students to write their names phonetically using this chart. All the names of the mascots in the Elections Canada "Choosing your Mascot" kit have their names translated from French and English into Inuit.

Throat Singing Demonstation