Cree Songs from Gift of Culture and Cree Language Website
Welcome to the Gift of Culture and Cree Language Website. You will sample songs by Darrell McCallum, Laura Burnouf, Edie Venne Hyggen, Allen Morrow, John Halkett.
By Laura Burnouf, Darren Okeymasim, Reg Bugler, Doreen Oakes Video lessons of common phrases and words in Plains Cree, y dialect
Cree -Alberta K to 3 Curriculum
This is and excellent resource. It have very clearly stated outcomes for learning. I like the way the vocabulary is controlled. Hight frequency words are used. The order of the introduction of words and phrases are well paced and very practical.

Onion Lake Cree Immersion-project. This is a detailed curriculum guide that you can download. Contact Eagle View High School, Onion Lake for more information. This is free. Download it. They have really worked on this project. I really recommend that you download it and contact them. They sell instructional materials for classrooms.

How to Say it in Cree by Solomon Ratt-Professor U of R. This is and excellent resource on-line. Buy his book at SICC if you want a printed copy. Here is the website. I think it is excellent for those people that are in the beginning stage of Cree Language learning

STF on-line Cree Y Language Unit-lesson plan
Beginning Reading and Writing in the Cree Language “Y” Dialect

Our Languages-SICC
The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre has an amazing site for six aboriginal languages. This site is linked to a lending library that is extensive. There is also a catalogue of materials to purchase for language teaching.

The Six Seasons
Vocabulary Exercises for learning the six seasons through a colorful interactive activity.

Plains Cree-Animate Colours
Have fun learning colors through this interactive activity.

Plains Cree-Inanimate Colors
Here are the color names in Cree Y dialect in an interactive program.

Cree Songs-Laura Burnouf
Learn songs such as "This Land", "Take your Little Hand", "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands" and "I like to Sing"

Online Cree Dictionary
This is a very worthwhile site. Work from your language to Cree Y dialect. Also check out the children's dictionary included on this webpage.
Professor Wolvengrey has been instrumental in providing this project with linguistic and grammatical support for the Cree language and the different dialects. He is working on expanding his existing dictionary with additional contents and examples.
Children's Cree Dictionary
Make sure you choose the Saskatchewan Plains Dialect from the drop down box to the top right of the keyboard.