Metis Jigging and its Contribution to Canadian Culture: Lesson Plan UbD

Metis Dancing with the Broom Dance and other Variations: lesson plan

Aboriginal Arts are a wonderful way to introduce many subject taught in the classroom. This Ontario index has a great number of helpful lesson plans, video clips. Please note each teacher's work. There has been a lot of work on this wonderful website. The ideas can be adapted to any region in Canada.

STF Aboriginal on-line unit plans, lessons and resources are available for use. This is the library of the Saskatchewan Teacher Federation

P100.13 Saskatchewan's First Peoples . . .: An Integrated, Resource-based, Social Studies Unit Incorporating Aboriginal Resources and Aboriginal Content

Danylczuk, Eileen. Matz, Eleanor. 1998.
This cooperatively-planned, resource-based unit for grades two to four is designed to fit the "heritage" unit in the elementary Social Studies curriculum. The unit also incorporates activities for English Language Arts, Arts Education, Science and Health. 5 p.

P100.14 Communities of Saskatchewan: Plains Cree: Past and Present (Writing Workshop)

Lafreniere, Elaine. 2002.
This unit on the Plains Cree of Saskatchewan is designed for students in grades one to three. The unit focuses on the objectives of the Social Studies Heritage unit, but also integrates English Language Arts, Science and Arts Education. Cultural awareness topics in the unit include: creation legends, location of the Plains Cree in the past and present, ways of life in the past and present, current issues, and role models. 33 p.

P100.16 Museum Assignment: Using the Royal Saskatchewan Museum for the Grade Four Social Studies Heritage Unit

Gantefoer, Heather. Proctor, Laurie. Whitney, Tammy. 2003.
Geared to the Saskatchewan heritage unit in grade four Social Studies, this resource provides specific strategies to use when having students conduct research on the past and present cultures and lifestyles of First Nations peoples in Saskatchewan while on a field trip to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina. The unit also focusses on assisting students in making connections between the past and present lifestyles of Saskatchewan’s First Nations peoples. 4 p.

P100.18 Plains Cree: Grade Four Research Project

Fitzpatrick, Betty. 2003.
In this grade four Social Studies unit on the Plains Cree, students are asked to work in pairs to research the culture of the Plains Cree. Prompt sheets and organizers are provided for the students to record and organize their information. 13 p.

STF on-line Aboriginal Languages Unit
This unit teaches beginning reading and writing in the Cree Language "Y" Dialect.

STF Stewart Resources Center
The on-line unit plans, lessons and resources are available for use. This is the library of the Saskatchewan Teacher Federation

Michif and Metis teachings
Select a grade. Not all the grade links are working. These are resources from Rossignal School, Ile-á-la-Crosse. They are full of good teaching ideas that promote Metis content in teaching.

In this UbD lesson play, Mr. Hoosteen presents storytelling as a traditional form of communication. This was designed for a Grade 2 class in Saskatchewan.

This resource requires you to register after several trial uses. The video sampled here is "a telling of the Tlingit myth, "How Raven Gave Light to the World." The story is told by Shirley Kendall (Eagle Moiety), originally from the Alaskan village of Hoonah. It is illustrated with video of Native dancers and Alaskan scenery, as well as with images depicting Raven. "

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