The Virtual Museum of Metis Culture and History


On behalf of the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI)’s Board of Governors, Staff and Students welcome to The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture.
GDI – in partnership with the Saskatchewan Department of Learning, the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Culture Online Program, the Canada Council for the Arts, SaskCulture, the Government of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan Division of Media and Technology – is proud to provide you with this systematic look at Métis history and culture. This project is the culmination of years of research gathering and resource production and is based on the Institute’s resolute desire to ensure that the Métis have their own stories told in a medium, which is user-friendly, free and accessible to all those interested in Métis history and culture.
This website is the most comprehensive attempt to chronicle traditional Métis history and culture on the World Wide Web and contains a wealth of primary documents – oral history interviews, photographs and various archival documents – in visual, audio and video files. In addition, many of our proven resources such as Steps in Time and Gabriel Dumont: Métis Legend have also been added to this site. Finally, new material, suitable for general information and for educators, has also been commissioned for The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture.

Learn about famous Metis people in Canadian history. The Michif Metis museum is a wealth of resources. You can learn about artifacts, crafts, the travelling museum, information about Metis veterans. There seems to be a distinct lack of information about the contribution of Metis women. Perhaps this may need to be addressed by the museum because gender equity seems to be absolutely not at the forefront of the webpage design. The contributions may be listed in the site, but they do not seem apparent. Check it out for yourself and make your decision.

Leah Dorion is a good example of a woman who has promoted the value and contribution of Metis women through her art. See her website at:

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