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Please use this excellent resource. Here is a quote from the wegsiter. "Our Government has made a commitment to strengthen K-12 education by undertaking a number of initiatives. One of these initiatives is to "ensure that Treaty education is made mandatory in the K-12 curriculum". To support mandatory Treaty education, the Ministry of Education worked with the Office of the Treaty Commissioner to develop Teaching Treaties in the Classroom: A Treaty Resource Guide for Kindergarten to Grade 6 (2008). This resource guide will also support the achievement of the Goals of Education for Saskatchewan by developing the potential of all students in the province and affirming the worth of each individual."

Path of the Elders Free Treay Games, First Nations history, culture
Explore Treaty Nine as explained by their elders. This is created by Mushkegowuk Cree and Anishinaabe Ojibway writers.

OTC Smart Exchange
These Smart Board Activities have been created by the Office of the Treaty Commissioner for Grades K-6.

GSCS Pre K-8 One-Stop Shop
This is a wonderful resource. Please look under the heading, "Aboriginal" for Grades 1 to 8. I quote from their website.
"We have recently moved all of our resources to this accessible platform. Our resources are divided by grade level, by subject area and even by core unit.

Treaty Education for Kindergarten to Grade 6

This is the Saskatoon Catholic Schools website for treaty education K to Grade 6. It is a huge resource of useful material.

Living Sky Treaty Units